GFWC Awards and Contests

GFWC clubs and members are eligible to compete for awards, participate in contests, and apply for grants that GFWC offers exclusively for its State Federations, clubs, Regions, districts, and individual members. Complete details regarding all of GFWC awards and contests are in the GFWC Club Manual in the Awards, Contest, and Grants sections, where you can find contest rules, tips for winning entries, and judging criteria.

Be sure to complete the Creative Arts Waiver Form for use in the GFWC Photography Contests and GFWC Writing Contests.

Awards (GFWC webpage)
  • GFWC Jennie Award
    • GFWC-MFWC Jennie Award Nomination Form (Please use the GFWC-MFWC Jennie Award Nomination Form instead of the GFWC Jennie Award Nomination Form)

  • Leadership Education and Development Seminar (LEADS)
Contest (GFWC Webpage)
  • Media Campaign Contest
    • Advocacy – issue or cause germane to GFWC public policy priorities as outlined in the GFWC Resolutions
    • Fundraising – monies raised for one of GFWC’s partners or local initiative
    • Membership Recruitment – communications directed to potential members
    • Special Event – single event or series of events
  • Photography Contest (Updated January 5, 2018, Page 4)
    • The World in Pictures
      • Living Things
      • Scenes
      • Still Life
    • GFWC Volunteers in Action
    • A Year In Pictures (also known as the GFWC Calendar Contest)
    • Photography Contest Label (must be affixed to back of each photo.)
  • Writing Contests
    • GFWC Member Short Story Writing Contests
    • GFWC Member Poetry Writing Contest
    • Youth short Story Writing Contest
    • Youth Poetry Writing Contest